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PC Reflective Film
1. Excellent light reflection reach 98% reflectivity
2. UL94 V-2 & TP(b) Flame Retardant Level
3. Good weather resistance, keeps good performance even in a wide range of temperature from-40℃ to 120℃
4. Excellent mechanical properties, good impact resistance, tensile strength, bending strength and compressive strength.
  • Model   Number  Reflectivity(±1%)Standard Size   (mm) Thickness (mm)Surface
    RFB1306-20098%1500*300 Meters0.2Glossy or Frosted
    RFB1306-30098%1500*300 Meters0.3Glossy or Frosted
    RFB1303-40098%1500*300 Meters0.4Glossy or Frosted
    RFB1303-50098%1500*300 Meters0.5Glossy or Frosted

    Specification Thickness Cutting Service and Package Service Lead Time MOQ
    Standard Spec. 0.2mm-0.5mm * Any size within 1220mm -1500mm x 300M
    * Packed in Roll or Cut by sheet are all available
    2-3 weeks3 Tons




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